Dress up for St-Patrick’s day!

St-Patrick’s day is coming up and it’s time to wear our green outfits or to buy some if you don’t have any or want to refresh your wardrobe. You can go for the total green outfit or you can add some green accessories to your look. Whatever your style and personality, green is for everybody and there are many options available! Take a look 🙂

If you’re looking for an ethnic graphic look, you can go with a colorful skirt with tons of patterns and a simple long sleeves V-neck t-shirt. Just add some big bracelets and a gold chain and you’re good to go. 

V-neck long sleeves t-shirt in green available at Simons or www.simons.ca for 12$.

You’re searching for a simple t-shirt? Try this one from American Eagle or www.ae.com for 29,25$. Put it with jeans for a very relax look.

If you want a chic and very elegant look, you won’t go wrong with this irresistible emerald green dress that is draped in all the right places. It’s available at Mexx or www.mexx.ca for 99,90$. Pair it with some nice brown or black high heels boots.

You can also add a touch of green by putting on a slim green belt to your favorite jeans or black pants. 

You can find one at Express or www.express.com for 17,43 in special.

For a work day or for a chic outfit, put on this green blazer, which is available at Express or www.express.com for 118$.

Why not add a green party messenger bag to your outfit? It’s a great way to make a green statement discreetly.

This one is from Zara or www.zara.com for 59,90$. 

For mans, you can add a little touch of Saint-Patrick’s in your boxers with this original item from American Eagle (in special at 9,91$)

Have a nice St-Patrick’s day everyone 🙂

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry


2 thoughts on “Dress up for St-Patrick’s day!

  1. catherine woow your english is amazing! good job with the site its super interesting. keep it up

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