Brooklyn, 1950

I like stories from different periods and cultures. They make me learn a lot and discover beautiful things. This weekend, I went to the movie theather with a friend to see Brooklyn. This movie was directed by John Crowley and was based on Colm Toibin’s novel. It was a splendid film with a well-crafted story and excellent emotional caracters. Here is my review and also a look at fashion in Brooklyn! (There are no spoilers don’t worry!)

This movie tells the story of an Irish immigrant, named Eilis Lacey (played by Saoirse Ronan), who lands in Brooklyn in New York in the 1950s. Times are hard in Ireland, but Eilis has the chance to make a better life for herself in America with the help of the Catholic church. She arrives in Brooklyn, discovers the Irish community in the neighborhood, works at a luxury retail shop and takes night classes to learn book keeping. Even though many opportunities are pointing out for her, she suffers greatly from homesickness. However, a new romance happens between Eilis and an Italian boy which makes her enter a new chapter of her life. A tragic event occurs back in Ireland and Eilis needs to choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.


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Firstly, the actors played very well their roles and they were very emotional and touching. Some parts of the movie are heart-wrenching! Secondly, the costumes and decors were very nice and true to the period! The costume designer did an amazing job. Thirdly, I think it is a powerful and beautiful story that can inspire others to have faith in accomplishing great things and falling in love. Love was portrayed in a very moving, simple and romantic way. It is way different then the weird love stories happening nowadays with Tinder. It is also a story about family and community and about belongingness.


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Now, let’s take a look at the fashion elements in this movie. I was so impressed with the different costumes!

Men wear very high waisted pants in nude colors and their fit is very loose. White t-shirts and colorful button down shirts are seen on men in Brooklyn in the 1950s. There is a big contrast between Ireland’s fashion and New York’s fashion at the time. When Eilis lives in Ireland, we see more neutral colors, but when she arrives in the big apple, she wears more colorful outfits and mixes different colors together. We see long flowy dresses with flower and abstract patterns. Below-the-knee ample skirts with a high waist were also very in fashion in the 1950s. We can see many colorful cardigans. The bathing suits are one-piece ensembles in what we would call today a “retro” style and the sunglasses have a cat-eye frame. Hair is always very polished both for men and women. Women wore small heels and also flats. Take a peek at the pictures below for a fashion flashback of Brooklyn in the 1950s.


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It is still in theaters! C’est à voir!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

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