Beauty & Fun: Surviving this Freezing Winter

As you can see (and feel), it is still very cold outside with ice on the sidewalks and snow piles everywhere. This kind of weather can get depressing and boring. I miss summer very much and I can’t wait to feel the first spring breeze! This spring break, I am not going anywhere; I am staying here, in beautiful Montreal. I want to take some time to relax, fuel up on sleep and work on school and personal stuff. Since this freezing weather can get annoying, I decided to share with you some beauty and fun advices to brighten up your winter!

1. Bright nailpolish!!! Paint your nails in pink, purple, coral or red! Nails are always a good accessory to an outfit and it will make you feel like summer!


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2. Tea. Lots of tea. This warm beverage is perfect to help you relax, get cozy and warm. I really like the Vanilla Chai from David’s Tea for daytime (caffeine) and I like decaffeinated green tea or chamomille at night to help me sleep. Bonus, tea is a super healthy beverage with antioxydants.


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3. Draw, paint, decorate! Take out your coloring pencils and add some colors to your agenda or your notebook. There also tons of coloring books for adults out there (check out Indigo!) and it can become a relaxing and fun habit.


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4. All about the lips! I am really into minimalist makeup, but a great way to add a pop of color is to apply a red lipstick. Red, pink or fuschia, as you prefer, but something bright and fresh!


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5. Magazines and Blogs! Look at the spring fashion coming up in magazines (loving Loulou Magazine!) and blogs. It will inspire you and you can even start planning your outfits!


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6. Netflix. And more Netflix. Relaxing therapy to cope with winter (Suits!!!)


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7. Fruits! Strawberries, melons, pineapple, blueberries, etc. I love fruits so much! If you want a taste of freshness during this cold winter, get some fruits and enjoy!


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I’ll stop it at top 7! Let me know in the comments if you have other ways to bright up your winter!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo




2 thoughts on “Beauty & Fun: Surviving this Freezing Winter

  1. Watch a summer movie, like Grease, Mama Mia.
    Drink a summer drink, like a margarita, sangria
    Your blog is very nice, thank you for the suggestions

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