Café Myriade at Club Monaco

Hello coffee lovers!

Work is accumulating? Tests and projects are right around the corner? Take a break and escape to a beautiful coffee place in central Montreal!

On Sainte-Catherine Street, in the very elegant Club Monaco store, there is a very cute and chic coffee shop. First, the decor of the store is magnificent! You feel like you are entering a beautiful house filled with luxurious clothing. At the back of the store, you take the stairs to the basement to reach the men’s section and also the cute coffee place named Café Myriade.


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It is pretty small (about 15 people can sit), but it is very charming. The ambiance has a warm country modern feel; rustic elements are mixed with more modern things. There are some comfortable turquoise booths/sofas and some rounds tables with chairs. The walls are filled with many interesting and unique books on bookshelves. You can look at them while you are there, but they are not for sale. It is a perfect place to have a romantic coffee with your significant other or get up to date with your bestfriend!


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I tried the latte and the green tea and both were nice! Both were served in very nice crockery. The green tea was served in its own cute teapot and I served myself a couple of cups. It tasted very natural and it had a strong perfume which I liked. The latte was creamy and tasted great. They also make a little design on the top, which is nice!

Address: 1000 St-Catherine W, Montreal, Qc


Bon café!

Hasta pronto,

Catherine xo

Cover photo from my phone

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