Mandy’s Salads


I’ve been dealing with the end of my University semester, doing projects and studying for finals, and I haven’t written on this blog for a while. Sorry about that! Be ready for more posts weekly, some longer and some very short article. It would mean a lot to me if you would share this blog with your friends if you enjoy it! 🙂

Without further introduction, I want to talk to you about Mandy’s. It is a salad restaurant and cafĂ© that offers big delicious salads and soups in a charming elegant setting. If you are looking for a healthy lunch option that tastes great, look no further than this place. You have the option to build your own salad by selecting the ingredients you want or you can opt for one of the speciality salads. You also have the option of adding a protein, such as chicken, for an extra fee.

Last time, I chose the Roma salad, which contains tomatoes, bocconcini cheese, pita chips, olives, other ingredients and a balsamic and basilic dressing which was fresh and very tasty. The salads can be eaten in the restaurant area or can be taken out in cute plastic containers. The Crescent location has a cute terrace for the spring/summer season. The salads are very big in my opinion and I am not able to eat one to myself. I suggest sharing it with someone to avoid wasting!

The decor is very charming and cute. The bowls are beautiful and the decorations give this place a nice vibe. You will mainly see women inside this place, but it is also a cute date idea. It is worth mentioning that the prices can be a bit high especially if you add a protein to your salad, but the ingredients are very fresh. Sharing a salad cuts the price!


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I tried both their locations: 5033 Sherbrooke W St (Westmount) and 2067 Crescent St (Downtown) in Montreal, Qc.

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De vraies salades gourmandes!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine Beaudry

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