Brunch Date @ Le Passé Composé

One of my favorite date activity is having brunch. Montreal has plenty of cute breakfast places worth trying. Located in the Village near Beaudry metro station, Le Passé Composé should definitely be on your bucket list.

Le Passé Composé is a little neighborhood bistro offering French brunch. Eggs, crêpes and sandwiches are on the menu. The decoration is unique and vintage and the place has a nice casual vibe. Service was good and simple. They have a big terrace, some interior tables and a bar. The best part about this place is the originality and taste of their breakfast dishes.




The coffee was sooo good!!! I chose “La crêpe aux bananes recomposées” (recomposed banana crêpe) and it was a real feast! The plate consisted of mini crêpes covered with Nutella on top of coconut greek yogurt and bananas breaded in panko and almonds with caramelized pineapple and lime zeste on the side. Just the description on the menu made my mouth water. It was heaven in my mouth, one of the best breakfast ever. The pineapple bites tasted like mojito with the lime zeste and juice on them. The coconut greek yogurt and the nutella together was the perfect match. Look at the picture!


My boyfriend took the “Célibataire” which is a plate with one egg, bacon, sausage and potatoes. The homemade sausage was delicious and the bacon was good and crispy. Both plates were affordable and very good quality.

Location? 1310 Boulevard Maisonneuve Est, Montreal

Bon appétit!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

All photos taken from my cellphone

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