Mouthwatering Pizza @ Pizzéria no 900

Fall in love all over again with pizza at Pizzéria no 900 Napolitaine.

My boyfriend and I were walking on Bernard Street in Outremont and we stoped in front of this small restaurant amazed at how cute the terrace was. We decided to try this place out and we don’t regret it for one second. It was a perfect dinner date. The inside restaurant is pretty small but the terrace has quite a few seats and the round tables are adorable. It is very cozy and romantic. The waiters were very nice and smiley.

I had a glass of the Albia (Sangiovese, Merlot) rosé to start and then we both had glasses of Cecco (Cabernet Sauvignon) red wine. I highly recommend the Cecco wine! For starters, we had a delicious cesar salad and a “fondant de parmesan rôti” (melted roasted parmesan cheese). The dressing of the salad was sooo good. Then, we shared two pizzas: a margherita and an italian sausage one. The best thing about the pizzas was the tomato sauce which is one of the best sauce I have ever tasted. It was sweet and so tasty. The cheese was also very good. The prices are pretty good as well (Margherita was $9 and Italian sausage was $13).

It is located on 1248 Bernard St W, Outremont. They just opened another one at 2049 Peel St, Montreal. They also have other restaurants outside the city. Plus, they own a foodtruck so you might taste their dishes on the go!


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Bonne pizza les amis!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

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