Cocktails & Tofu @ Le Mal Nécessaire

Taking a stroll in the Old Port or in Montreal’s Chinatown? Stop by Le Mal Nécessaire for some unique fruity cocktails with some simple Asian tapas.

Le Mal Nécessaire is a stylish tiki-style bar serving exotic drinks with Asian dishes on Saint-Laurent Street in Montreal’s Chinatown (1106 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal). When you are walking on the street, you only see a small flight of stairs going down into a basement with a green neon pineapple sign on top. When you enter the bar, you are welcomed into a small bar with wood seating and a bar. The place reminded me of a sauna because of all the wood and the shape of the benches. The ambiance is trendy, unique and has a speakeasy vibe. My friend and I sat at the bar. There are pineapples and tiki-style decorations everywhere givng the place a unique charm. The service was friendly. The music was very good as well and not too loud so you can have a conversation (hiphop, r&b).

You have a lot of cocktails options and they are very original in their presentation and taste. They offer big cocktails in pineapples. I ordered a Ultima Palabra (cachaca lebron, maraschino, lime, chartreuse bowmore) and my friend took a Perfect Storm (rhum barcardi oakheart, gingembre, mélasse, cerise noire, lime). My drink was pretty bitter and strong, but the lime was refreshing. His drink was sweet and delicious too. We shared some pork and vegetables dumplings and some fried chili tofu bites. The fried tofu was so good! I was eating them like chips!


Photo from


Photo from


Photo from my cellphone


Photo from my cellphone

I will definitely go back! Santé!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

Cover photo from my cellphone

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