#Makeup: All about that bronze look

My favorite makeup look at the moment? A natural glowy bronze look!

In summer, it’s fun to wear light and natural-looking makeup that will make you look hot and simple. With sun shining over us, our skin darkens and our hair lightens!

What to do?

  1. Put concealer (choose one that fits your summer skin tone) on your imperfections, red areas and pimples.
  2. With a big brush, spread some lightweight powder foundation on your face to even your skin tone. I barely brush some on in the summer! Also, if your skin has the tendency to get oily easily, choose a matte powder (especially for your T-zone).
  3. #tip: put some concealer on your eyelids with the tip of your fingers (it acts as a eyeshadow primer to keep your eyeshadows on longer!!)
  4. Choose nude and metallic eyeshadow colors (beige, brown, gold, copper). Accentuate your crease with a slightly darker color in the crease of your lid.
  5. Take a black eyeliner and draw a thin line along your eyeline. (Right now I am loving L’Oréal Paris’ Carbon Black Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner!!)
  6. Very black mascara with lots of volume and length is a must
  7. Finish the look with a nude matte lipstick or make it pop with a bright pink or red!


Photo from www.prettydesigns.com


Photo from makeupandbeauty.com


Photo from www.pinterest.com

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

Cover photo from www.hercampus.com

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