L’Gros Luxe: My New Go-To Place in Griffintown

Friday funday! After a busy week, there’s nothing like relaxing in a fun ambiance!

As you must know by now, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I enjoy trying new restaurants. In the past month, I’ve been twice to L’Gros Luxe on Notre-Dame Street in lovely Griffintown and both my experiences were great. The first time, I went with four girlfriends and the second time I went with my boyfriend. Here’s my overall critique of the restaurant for both times!

To start off, the ambiance of this restaurant and bar is awesome. It’s vintage, original and casual chic. Think tapestry, vintage booths and seats, dim lights and plants. They have a garden terrace in the summer in the back of the restaurant. Service is good, but when the place gets busy, the service tends to be slow and the wait is longer.


L’Gros Luxe Notre-Dame – Photo from my cellphone

L’Gros Luxe is famous for its bloody cesars, but they also have lots of cocktails and wines on their list. I haven’t personally tried their cesars, but two of my friends did and they liked it. You get to “make your own bloody cesar” by choosing your alcohol, your tomato juice and your choice of topping (mini burger, grilled cheese, etc.). You can get a bloody cesar with 5 toppings for 20$ or the luxe cesar for 30$ with all the toppings (it becomes a meal!)


Bloody cesar – Photo from my cellphone

As for cocktails, I tried the white sangria and it was fruity! There are many other choices. The wine list is also pretty decent with some private importations. I had the Château de Panisseau – Mademoiselle Jeanne, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, France. This wine was delicious!


White sangria – Photo from my cellphone

Finally, the food menu is pretty simple, but the dishes are delicious and healthy! Each plate has an original twist. The shrimp tacos were very tasty with the citrus sour cream, coriander and lime. Portions are not very big, but it is perfect to try different plates. The watermelon salad is worth the try! It is very refreshing and the mix of sweet and salty is interesting. It is like a caprese salad with the addition of watermelon. The bruschetta is very healthy and original: naan bread with quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, onions and olive oil. The fish tacos are good also. My friends did not find the burgers to be the best they’ve ever had, but the rest is pretty good.


Watermelon salad – Photo from my cellphone


Bruschetta – Photo from my cellphone

Good food, great drinks and a fun ambiance: my new go-to place in Griffintown! (2472 Notre-Dame West, Griffintown, Montreal)

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

Cover photo from  quebec.huffingtonpost.ca 

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