New Bar: Kampai Garden

Located in the Faubourg Sainte-Catherine in the Shauhgnessy Village in Downtown Montreal, this chic beer garden has a lot to offer.

This restaurant/bar covers 10 000 square foot with a capacity of about 650 people. There are lots of different sections and three main bars. There is a cool 5 à 7 apéro vibe going on all night. Some good music, trendy and warm decor, arcades and pool tables and plants everywhere! When you arrive and haven’t made a reservation for a table, there is a bar in the entrance where you can try a cocktail while you wait for a table. They have original cocktails served in three sizes of pitcher. My friend and I tried the 60oz Local Legend which was similar to a sangria but less sweet and better! There is no real restaurant tables but rather some stools, long high tables and bar counters everywhere. I was not impress by the quality of the service, but I guess they are still in their beginning/training stage. The food was good. It is a simple healthy menu with Asian inspiration. I tried the pokebowl with salmon and tuna on top of quinoa and salad. It tasted good, but I found there was not enough fish in the bowl. My friend tried the shrimp tacos which she really liked. It is a good place for groups since it is big and they have sofas and big tables everywhere. The ambiance is festive and casual. The crowd is pretty young, maybe 18-25 years old. It is open from 5pm to 3am, but the kitchen closes at 11pm.

Location: 1628 Sainte-Catherine W, Downtown Montreal (Website)


Photo from my cellphone 


Photo from MTL Blog 


Photo from Daily Hive


Photo from my cellphone


Photo from my cellphone (Pokebowl)


Photo from my cellphone

Talk to you soon party people!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo


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