5 Joys of The Holidays

Oh the holidays! The perfect time to relax and do things that you love…

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I am taking some time to catch up with friends, read a new book, watch movies, work out at home and go out to new bars. In this brief post, I wanted to share with you 5 joys of the holidays.

1 – Panettone

This type of sweet bread loaf is originally from Milan in Italy. Some contain raisins, chocolate, nuts, etc. I really like the plain ones with the powdered sugar on top. I like sharing this delicious cake with my family. In Montreal, the supermarket Milano in the Little Italy offers a great selection of Panettone.


Photo from my cellphone

2 – Morning coffee

One of the best thing is having time to enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning while watching TV or reading a book. I personally like my cup of Nespresso coffee. It is also fun to try new coffee shops with friends, such as Tommy in the Old Port.


Photo from my cellphone

3 – Drinks on weeknights

Drinking a gin and soda or a glass of wine on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday? Awesome! You don’t have the guilt that you should be studying. You can have a drink with a best friend, visit new bars, take pictures and laugh the night away. What is life without drinks?


Photo from my cellphone (Photo taken at Philemon Bar, Old Port, Montreal)

4 – Brunch

There are many cute places offering brunch in Montreal (Passé Composé, Café Parvis, Beautys, Suwu, etc.) and sharing breakfast plates with your loved ones is super fun at the beginning of your day. I love having waffles, crepes, or french toast with fruits!


Photo from my cellphone (Photo taken at Le Passé Composé, Montreal)

5 – Reading fiction

Taking time to read a book for pleasure and not for school is a nice feeling. I like getting emerged into a new story or adventure and getting lost among the pages of a book. This holiday, I will be reading All is not forgotten from Wendy Walker.


Photo from my cellphone

Enjoy both your cocooning and your time with friends!

Hasta la proxima,

Catherine xo

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