Dear fashionistas, foodlovers and globetrotters,

From Montreal in Canada, I am a young woman with many interests and a love for sharing information and advices. I am always looking for new trends and some classic pieces with a modern twist. Hunting for sales is one of my hobbies. I live in skinny pants, summer dresses and unique jewelry. I call my style Urban Chic because I like to wear elegant clothes that have a modern twist, a touch of sexy, trendy or casual chic. I can’t leave the house without nail polish and hydrated lips. I absolutely have a craving for nuts, tomatoes, raspberries, cheese and I love tasting new dishes. I travelled a lot to Europe and America and I have a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. Celebrities, stars and trends are on my radar and I love sharing information and advice with my dear followers. I speak French, English, Spanish and I am learning Italian.

Welcome to Sweet-n-Style! This is a lifestyle blog made with love from Montreal in Canada. You will find articles about fashion, beauty, travel, activities, food and other topics. I want to show you all the jewels of this beautiful city!

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Hasta la proxima,

Catherine Beaudry