Dear fashionistas, foodlovers and globetrotters,

From Montreal in Canada, Catherine Beaudry is a young women with many interests and a love for sharing information and advices. She is always looking for new trends and some classic pieces with a modern twist. Hunting for sales is one of her hobby. She lives in skinny pants, summer dresses and unique jewellery. She calls her style Urban Chic because she likes to wear elegant clothes that have a modern twist, a touch of sexy, trendy or casual chic. She can’t leave the house without nail polish and hydrated lips. She absolutely has a craving for nuts, tomatoes, raspberries, cheese and loves tasting new dishes. She traveled a lot to Europe and America and has a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. Celebrities, stars and trends are on her radar and she loves sharing infos with her dear followers. She speaks french, english and spanish and she decided to make this blog bilingual (french and english) and to end each post in spanish.

Thank you so much for visiting this blog! Please leave a comment or share with your friends, it is appreciated.

Merci beaucoup de visiter ce blog! Je suis une fille qui se passionne pour la mode, la nourriture, les nouvelles tendances et les voyages. Laissez vos commentaires et partagez avec vos amis!

Hasta pronto,

Catherine Beaudry

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