3 tendances à essayer!

Le temps des fêtes est idéal pour essayer de nouvelles tendances au point de vue beauté et mode. C’est souvent les petits détails qui font toute la différence dans une tenue. C’est aussi pourquoi je crois au pouvoir des accessoires et qu’ils sont nécessaires pour ajouter une touche de edgy, de glamour ou de artsy à un ensemble. Sans plus tarder, voici les 3 tendances que je vous propose d’essayer durant cette saison festive!

1. Le crayon à yeux blanc. C’est un de mes coups de coeur côté maquillage. Une simple ligne de crayon blanc dans la partie inférieure de l’oeil et dans le coin de l’oeil permet d’illuminer votre regard et d’ajouter de l’éclat à votre maquillage. Il est possible de rehausser encore plus l’éclat du regard en ajoutant un peu de fard à paupière d’une couleur neutre (beige, taupe, gris) brillant dans le coin intérieur de l’oeil.

2. La tresse sur le côté. C’est une de mes coiffures préférées!!! Il est possible de rendre la tresse plus chic ou plus décontractée dépendamment de la façon dont elle est faite. Ça fait très look de chalet ce qui est parfait en cette saison. Pour un look un peu plus sophistiqué, la queue de poisson est magnifique. Ce qui est formidable, c’est que même si la tresse se délousse, le look est bien quand même!

3. Le vernis magnétique. Je viens d’essayer un vernis magnétique métallique tout à fait splendide! Il s’agit d’un vernis à ongles qui vient avec un aimant permettant de créer un design spécial sur les ongles, dans mon cas des sortes de vagues en demi-cercles. Les ongles sont devenus de véritables accessoires et avec les partys du temps des fêtes pourquoi ne pas se doter d’une manicure spéciale et festive?

Joyeux Noël!!!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

My top 10 for the Holidays

Dear readers,

I’m back on sweetnstyle after a very long break from blogging! I’ve missed it a lot and I have plenty of new ideas for articles. I hope you’ll be reading and enjoying them!

To start the Holiday season right, I have made a top 10 list I want to accomplish this very merry season. Create your own or get inspired by mine!

1. Hot chocolate and reading. There’s nothing better during a cold snowy day than drinking a hot chocolate while reading an amazing novel surrounded by pillows and blankets.

2. Holiday shopping. While some people hate Christmas shopping (because of the oh-too-many people running around), I particularly like the ambiance of holiday shopping because of all the decorations, the Christmas music and do I need to mention the sales?

3. Cooking cookies and bouchées. Family cooking is one tradition I like to keep. Souvenirs are made while making chocolate chip cookies and delicious hors-d’oeuvres (olive tapenade roulés or cheese soufflés). And… cookie dough, yes two words are enough to convince you!

4. Walking in Montreal’s Old Port. During Christmas time, the Old Port is absolutely stunning with colorful lights, trees and all kinds of decorations. The art galleries, the churches, the fancy restaurants, the chic bars, the neighborhood contains a je ne sais quoi that is magical. Dress up warmly and go for a long walk.

5. Going out to new places. I want to discover new bars and clubs with my friends and celebrate the hard work we did this past year.

6. Melting pot with friends. This season, my friends and I want to make ourselves a supper at a friend’s house and everyone will contribute with a meal or something to drink. It’s a great way to share different meals and enjoy each other.

7. Go to the movie theater. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to the movie theater and it’s a great activity for cold days. My bestfriend and I  want to see About time featuring Rachel Mcadams.

8. Put on that party dress. It’s that time of year to dress up, accessorize and try new outfits to those awesome parties and family and friends gatherings!

9. Coffee with friends. Catch up on what’s going on in your friends’ life by grabbing a hot chocolate or a latte at a coffee shop. Plus, holiday season is the time to share and be grateful for everyone in our life.

10. Maybe not that fun, but cleaning… Yes it’s a new season and the end of 2013 so it’s time to go through my wardrobe and see what I can wear this season and what essentials I need to buy to pair with the items I already have. It’s also time to clean my desk, my room and to reorganize everything to start off 2014 on the right foot.

I’m glad to be back! Happy holidays! Joyeuses fêtes à tout le monde!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Night out in the city

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, I’m so excited for summer! With this nice weather around, you just want to grab your friends and enjoy a night out in the city. Want to look urban chic this season? Add these three items to your wardrobe and you’re set to go. Enjoy the sangria!

1. Tailored shorts. Show of those sexy legs of yours in stylish tailored shorts (same material as work pants). Add a blouse or a simple tee and a blazer! With black shorts, go for a coral blouse!

2. Small clutch. An oversized tote can remove a bit of the chic factor of your outfit. Plus, it’s too big for a night out! Instead, opt for a small clutch in trendy colors (emeraude, coral and cyan blue) or a classic favorite!

3. Medium-height simple pumps. Sexy, stylish and yet more comfortable than super high heels so you can dance the night away. Add a pop of color to a neutral outfit with turquoise or red pumps. Be versatile with black, white or beige heels.

Enjoy your night!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry