Must do this summer!

SUMMER, ÉTÉ, VERANO… It’s the best season of all! Time to relax and do things you love and care about and catch up with friends and family. Like I did for spring, I’m doing a summer’s to-do list I’d like to accomplish during this summer and give you some ideas to help you enjoy every single bit of this warm and cheerful season.

1. Tea pop. David’s tea has a new way to drink your tea… with sparkling water! It gives you a fizzy tea refreshing for the warm days. I’ve tried one, but I want to try many more!

2. Tomatoes and bocconcini. This is probably one my very favorite appetizer or side dish. This italian combo is perfect for summer dinners with olive oil, balsamic vinaigre, salt and pepper. It’s light, savory and melts in your mouth.


3. Clean! Clean your room, your wardrobe, your house. Organize things, get rid of things you don’t want anymore and know what’s in your wardrobe before buying more stuff.

4. Listen to The Notebook. The Notebook is a romantic all time classic movie. I’ve never seen it but every one who saw it loves it so much. It’s been a while since I wanted to see it, but I’m decided that I will for sure see it this summer with a good friend of mine. Don’t you have a movie you just wanted to see for a long time? Grab a girlie and enjoy!

5. Pool and sangria. There’s nothing better than a day tanning at the pool and swimming while drinking homemade sangria. It just screams summer vacations!

6. Nail stickers. Nail art is a big thing right now and this summer I want to try nail stickers. You can have a combo of stickers and nail polish or go all the way with stickers.

7. The Great Gatsby. I’ve read this book in school and I still haven’t seen this movie with the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio. I can’t wait to see it! The decors, costumes and accessories are gorgeous!

8. Go to festivals. The jazz festival and the Just for laugh festival are coming and I’m planning on going to those events to make the most of this warm weather. During the day or at night, it’s always pleasant to come stroll around and look at the festivities.

9. I scream for ice cream. Miammmm I just love the excitement ice cream brings to people. Weather it’s a sundae, a banana split, a peanut and chocolate hard scoop of ice cream or some melty vanilla ice cream, just enjoy this summer treat that makes everyone happy.

10. Fashion find: flowy skirt. This is my hunt for this season. I want to find a nice delicate and chic skirt that makes me feel good and light. I’m looking for a longer length but I’m open to different styles. What’s your fashion find for this summer?

Enjoy this season! What’s your must dos this summer?

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Sweetnstyle is having a makeover!

Everyone loves a makeover, so I decided why not give one to sweetnstyle? It will still be about fashion, activities, food and trip advices. I’ll keep the bilingual aspect of it so that it can touch different people around the world. I’ll go shopping for ideas and make some modifications and I’ll see you back soon!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry