Men: 10 things you should try

My guy friends are always simple and there to make me laugh even when I’m tired or sad. I’m really lucky to have them and in that gratitude moment, I’m going to share 10 fashion tips you boys, men, guys, whatever you want to call yourself, should follow to be even cuter and hotter…

1. Jeans shirt with a white tee. For a casual day at school or on the weekend, wear a jeans shirt with your sleeves rolled up a little bit and a white v-neck or round-neck (the one your prefer) under. It’s really hot, simple and versatile, so you can wear it a number of times. Button it half way or let it open for the best looks.

2. Robust boots. It’s winter and wearing your converse and snickers in the snow isn’t appropriate. Plus, when your feet are wet don’t tell me you’re comfortable! Put your feet into robust boots inspired by the construction or the military styles. It looks good and you won’t look like a fool with shoes in your feet during freezing weather.

3. Beige pants. For a more polished and preppy look, grab a pair of beige pants! It’s perfect for the spring season ahead and the color goes with absolutely everything. I’ve heard it’s more comfortable than wearing jeans, why not try it then?

4. Big watch. Men aren’t a lot into jewellery, but a nice big watch is a beautiful accessory that adds masculinity to an outfit. There are tons that have some gadgets and different settings, choose the one that you prefer!

5. Knit scarf. Since the weather is cold, show off you have style with a knit scarf in a vibrant color or a beige/gray color. It’s a very cute addition to your look!

6. Marine look.  Opt for the marine look, it’s so cute and fresh! Go with a blue and white striped tee or shirt, some loafers and you’re good to chill.

7. A sexy suit. Do you want to impress for a special occasion? A nice sexy suit will make you look handsome! Don’t forget to choose a suit that fits you and ask for help if you’re not sure.

8. Messenger bag. If you want to change from your usual backpack, go for a messenger bag. It’s smart, professional and stylish. Brown, tan, grey or black are neutral colors you should choose from so it can be a classic item in your wardrobe.

9. Grey sweater. There’s something about a grey v-neck sweater that’s just so simple yet so hot. Choose a comfortable fabric and you’ll love this basic shirt.

10. Smile. I know you want to seem like the tough big guy and that what I’m about to say  is really cheesy, but the best thing about a guy is when he smiles and that’s when you seem the most handsome possible. So go ahead and smile!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Looks de stars pour moins cher!

Les actrices, les chanteuses, les comédiennes, bref les stars portent toujours les nouvelles tendances. Par contre, celles-ci s’offrent des morceaux de vêtements à des prix exorbitants. Il existe des articles qui sont très similaires aux items portés par les stars que nous pouvons retrouver dans des magasins près de chez nous et qui ne détruireront pas notre porte-feuille. Voici donc quelques outfits à vous procurer pour l’été!

Une robe blanche moulante avec un col rond, un sac coloré et des talons hauts beiges pour un look sexy très estival. Les talons beiges donneront l’effet que vos jambes sont plus longues. Inspiration de Sofia Vergara.

SOFIA VERGARA photo | Sofia Vergara

 Michael Kors de Bloomingdale’s (150$)

  Nine West (en solde à 39$, prix régulier de 69$)

 Gianni Bini de Dillards (en solde à 59,99$, prix régulier de 79,99$)

Un short noir, un top ligné de style marin et un grand blazer noir et blanc pour un look très sophistiqué et moderne. Un short noir avantage tous les types de silhouettes. Inspiration d’Olivia Palermo.

OLIVIA PALERMO photo | Olivia Palermo

 Aryn K de (99$)

 Forever 21 (15,80$)

 Bebe (89$)

Un t-shirt blanc avec une jupe longue (maxi-skirt) colorée et des sandales pour un look très relax. Vous pouvez ajouter une ceinture au milieu de la taille pour un look plus structuré. Inspiration de Zoë Saldana.

ZOË SALDANA photo | Zoe Saldana

 TopShop (28$)

 Forever 21 (19,80$)

Un chandail à motifs zigzag de style bohémien, des pantalons roses et des petits talons beiges pour un look coloré et plein d’énergie. Ajoutez-y des lunettes de soleil! Inspiration de Beyoncé.

BEYONCÈ photo | Beyonce Knowles

 Charlotte Russe (22,99$)

 Urban Outfitters (en solde à 39,99$, prix régulier de 59$)

 Vince Camuto de Nordstrom (en solde à 52,90$, prix régulier de 78,95$)

Un blazer bleu flash, un t-shirt rayé rouge et des plateformes rouges pour un look très chic et urbain. Portez des pantalons de couleur neutre, comme des jeans bleu, pour ne pas trop chargé votre tenue de couleurs. Inspiration de Katharine McPhee.

KATHARINE MCPHEE photo | Katharine McPhee

 Free People (en solde à 99,95$, prix régulier de 168$)

 Gap (22,95$)

 Miss Me de (33,39$)

Une petite robe à pois, un large cardigan de couleur neutre et des plateformes à gros talons pour un look comfortable et féminin. Un cardigan beige pour l’été, c’est le meilleur choix! Inspiration de Lauren Conrad.

LAUREN CONRAD photo | Lauren Conrad

 Forever 21 (19,80$)

 Caslon de Nordstrom (58$)

 Guess (115$)

Voici quelques looks à essayer cet été! Bon magasinage 🙂

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Best dressed stars at the Academy Awards

Did you watch the 84th Academy Awards ceremony last night? One of my favorite part of these events are the arrival of celebrities on the red carpet before the show. I love seeing their dresses and suits!

Yesterday evening, there were many beautiful dresses. Here are my top favorites!

Angelina Jolie’s dress is simply gorgeous, but the slit is a bit too high. I love her hair color!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s gown is classic and fits her perfectly. I like the idea of the long blazer/châle because the weather was cold. Beautiful jewellery! Her hair could have been better.

Cameron Diaz’s strapless dress fits her well and the bottom of the dress with the ruffles and silver details is amazing. The simple necklace is nice also. Her haircut could have been much better. Her hair doesn’t look healthy.

Penélope Cruz looks wonderful in this hollywood glamour gown. The purple color is perfect with her skin tone. Her hair is retro and classy, I love it! The jewellery are also very classic and feminine.  

Jennifer Lopez’s dress makes her curves standout. She looks glamorous and original! Her bun is perfectly done as usual.

Kristen Wiig looks sexy and classy with this beige dress. I like the way it fits her. I adore her hair (color and style). I also like that she put black nailpolish to add a little edge to her outfit.

Which dress made your top list?

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry