Jatoba: Luxury Japanese Cuisine

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Terrasse Nelligan

In the heart of Old Montreal, on the beautiful Saint-Paul street near the Saint-Lawrence River, there is this gorgeous terrace named Terrasse Nelligan on the fifth floor of the Hotel Nelligan. This is one of Montreal’s jewel. This restaurant serves … Continue reading

My Spring to-do list!

I can already feel the smell of spring in the air and it makes me feel excited! I decided to make a top ten of the things I wanted to do this Spring alone, with my friends or my family. Make the most of this season and get inspired by these ideas!

1. Go to an outdoor festival. In many cities, they are some music, cultural and artistic festivals which are worth going to. In Montreal, we have the Jazz Festival and the Francofolies that are coming up at the beginning of June. Those events make you enjoy the warm weather, spend time with your friends and have fun in your city.

2. Let spring enter your closet. Go shopping, search the sales and add some new spring clothing to your wardrobe. Pastels, emeraude, white pants, a light and ample cardigan, flats or loafers and scarfs are some essentials. My advice: think about what you’ll wear with everything item you buy and see if it’s versatile. Make sure it won’t only decorate your closet!

3. Hike to the highest spot. Fresh air, a tan and some tonus are what you’ll get from a great hike. Go hike a mountain or even just a small mount but put on your sports shoes and start walking!


4. Cook a new seafood or fish recipe. It’s been said that the way Mediterranean people eat is the best way because it is very balanced and rich in nutriments. I LOVE Mediterranean food. Fish and seafood are things they eat regularly and you should search on the web a new recipe to try! Olives, feta cheese, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, chickpeas, etc.

5. Decorate with flowers. Want to decorate your home for spring? Simply add some flowers in a vase and place it on your dinner table or in your living room to add some colorful beauty to your home. If you’re invited to a dinner, flowers are a great and thoughtful spring gift for the host.

6. Bake a pie. Get your girls (or boys) together and do your favorite pie (will it be strawberry and rhubarb, apple, raspberry, blueberry, sugar?) It’s a great way to catch up with friends or your mom and dad and enjoy a delicious bite together afterwards.

7. Do a spontaneous one day road trip. Take off with some friends or family on a road trip. Visit a new city, go to the beach, relax in the country! Bring your Ipod, a coat or a sweater (in case it gets chilly), your passport, some sunglasses, money and you’re on the go!


8. Do some nail art. Nail art is expanding and the alleys in the pharmacies or blossoming with new nail products. Stickers, narrow stylish pencils, 3D textures, pop colors, neutrals, etc. Show off some stylish toes and fingers with some trendy styles or eternally classic hues.

9. Do a photo shoot. Memories, memories… they are so special and precious and doing a fun photo shoot with some friends is a great and funny way to capture some good moments together and acting out. Sing along and dance your a** off!

10. Update your beauty routine. First of all, I strongly suggest you to put on cream on your body every day after your shower to keep your skin moisturized. It will keep it from being itchy and your skin will tan easier. Secondly, try new things this spring and don’t be afraid to be a bit wild! Emeraude smokey eyes, coral lips, neutral eyeliner, etc. Just be sure it fits your personality!

What are your plans for this spring?

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry