Fringes everywhere!

Hello summertime! We just started summer officially yesterday, 21st of June! Weather is warm and sunny, what can we ask more? A major trend in many stores this summer are fringes. They are simply everywhere: summer dresses, light cardigans, swimsuits, … Continue reading

Summer’s swimsuit edition

Have you seen Sweet-n-style’s new look? Summer is finally here and swimsuits are essentials! A new season means new trends and new ways to wear it. Without any further explanations, here are some hot styles you should try!

Color blocking. We’ve seen it this spring also, but now this trend is going into swimsuits. Go neon and colorful.

Cutouts. A mix of sexy and edgy is what you’re looking for? Cutouts one-pieces are perfect for that. They’re big this season.

Fringe. This type of bikini is flirty and cute. If you want to take the attention off your hips or your bottom, fringes on the top will bring the eyes up.

Retro. The retro vibe is back! Be ready to pose on the poolside.

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry