What should I wear?!

Yes, this is a question you probably ask yourself sometimes before going to a cocktail party, a family dinner or any other occasion. Sometimes it can be confusing to know what to wear and it can be hard to know what’s appropriate for the activity you’re planning on doing. Of course everybody has their own personal style, but here are some options I suggest for different occasion. It’s summer and that means a bunch of activities are at your door!

1. Pool party. With the beautiful and warm weather and a bunch of friends, a pool party is a fun way to enjoy summer. Put on that new bikini of yours (or a one-piece if you feel more comfortable) and cover up with a fun and simple dress. Big sunglasses and flip flops are a must! Try some trendy nail polish, like coral or teal!

2. Happy hour. Going for a drink with some colleagues after work or catching up with some friends during a 5 à 7? High waist shorts with a nice blouse, some low simple heels and jewellery are the key items to a sophisticated yet simple look, perfect to grab some drinks and maybe go for tapas afterwards, why not?

3. Family dinner. Grandparents, uncles, aunts or even a dinner with your boyfriend’s family? Go for something chic and traditional like a black a-line dress. Add a belt for some structure and beautiful dangling earrings and you’ll be feminine and classy.

4. Going to a festival. Summer is festival season! Grab your favorite pair of denim shorts, add a belt, a striped tee (go for blue and white stripes for a nautical vibe), a leather jacket (for those colder nights) and some edgy sandals and you’re ready to rock the streets! Don’t forget those retro sunglasses.

5. Club night with the girls. Ready to dance the night away? Forget the spandex and the too-tight dresses that are just so unflattering and uncomfortable! Show just enough skin with a back cut out dress that has patterns or bright colors. Go for a halter top dress or a criss-cross back, both will be sexy, but still classy. Nice reasonable height heels (you want to dance, remember?) and let your hair loose or try a very high ponytail tail!

I really hope you’ll enjoy every moment of this wonderful summer. Take every opportunity that passes next to you and see the people you love and admire. My last fashion advice would be to have fun with your outfits but remember to stay classy and respectful to yourself.

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

New sunglasses for spring, why not?

Everyone needs sunglasses… They protect you from UV rays, but they also add great style to your outfits. There’s plenty of different kinds available so you can try different styles this spring. Let’s look at some stars’ inspiration and some that are available in stores.

1. Colored Frames: These glasses are fun, fresh and everywhere this spring. It’s an easy way to perk up an outfit. Inspiration from Jessica Biel.

COLORED FRAMES photo | Jessica Biel

 Halogen from Nordstrom 48.00$

 Wet Seal from Wet Seal 7.50$

 Vince Camuto from Nordstrom 70.00$

2. Cat-Eye Shape: The retro cat-eye shape comes back in fashion! For a more modern look, choose an oversize pair with thick frames. Inspiration from Nicole Richie.

CAT-EYE SHAPE photo | Nicole Richie

 Olsenboye from JCPenney 15.00$

 Nine West from Nine West in sale at 26.60$ (regular price is 38.00$)

 Cheap Monday from Azalea Boutique 35.00$

3. Printed Styles: For a cool and funky look, go for an artsy or paint-splattered pair of glasses. Inspiration from Drew Barrymore.

PRINTED STYLES photo | Drew Barrymore

 Charlotte Russe from Charlotte Russe 5.50$

 TopShop from TopShop 32.00$

 Wet Seal from Wet Seal 7.50$

4. Aviators: If you’re looking for a sexy and casual look, you won’t go wrong with aviators! Inspiration from Minka Kelly.

AVIATORS photo | Minka Kelly

 Marc by Marc Jacobs from Nordstrom 85.00$

 TopShop from TopShop 28.00$

 Michael Kors from Dillards 99.00$

5. Ombré Lenses: Faded lenses that allow a peek at your beautiful eyes are great for a glamorous and chic look. Inspiration from Kim Kardashian.

OMBRÉ LENSES photo | Kim Kardashian

 Marc by Marc Jacobs from Nordstrom 48.00$

 Cheap Monday from Azalea Boutique 35.00$

 TopShop from TopShop 28.00$

6. Oversize Square Shape: This trendsetting style is sophisticated or just plain fun! Inspiration from Beyoncé.

OVERSIZE SQUARE SHAPE photo | Beyonce Knowles

 Sunglass Warehouse from Sunglass Warehouse in sale at 13.56$ (regular price is 15.95$)

 Vince Camuto from Dillards 65.00$

Ray-Ban from Neiman Marcus 185.00$

Which style will YOU try this spring???

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry