Summer Events with Style

July just started which means plenty of summer events will be at your door. It’s warm and sunny outside, it’s the perfect weather to wear all your summer clothes. Magazines are full of new trends, but before buying new items, I suggest you to do a big wardrobe cleaning and organization to see what you have and discover old pieces that you had forgotten about. I just did mine and I discovered pieces I didn’t wore that I will incorporate to my looks this summer. With the summer still at its beginning, maybe you’ve gotten a wedding invitation, maybe you’re going to Osheaga or to music festivals, maybe you’re planning a pool party, maybe you’re wondering what to wear to all of those incredible events. Here are some suggestions of outfits according to the event!

1. Attending a wedding.

You’ve sent your answer and your meal choice, but now you need to plan your outfit. A sacred rule is to not wear white, and I totally agree. Leave the bride shine! I would suggest going with a A-line dress (fitted at the top and open (skater skirt) at the bottom) which is cute, romantic and feminine. If you’re more classic, go with light colors, like light pink, green or blue. If you’re more daring, go with royal blue, purple or red. Another great option is to wear a maxi dress. I love the ones that have a slit on the side so it’s easier to walk and you can still show your legs. Add a statement necklace, dangling earrings, bracelets, rings and nice classy heels.

2. Pool party.

Whether you’re planning a pool party or attending one, it’s one of those events that screams SUMMER. Wear your swimsuit (bikini or one-piece) under a light, simple and loose dress that’s easy to remove and put on. Go wild with colors and patterns! If you’re not feeling the dress, wear jeans shorts with a tank top or t-shirt. Bright nail polish on toes and finger nails adds a fun touch also. Don’t forget the sangria and the shades!

3. Girls’ night out.

Hitting the dance floor tonight? Be classy and don’t wear inappropriate clothing. So many people do the error of choosing tight and slutty outfits that don’t flatter their silhouette. I recommend a pencil skirt (a simple black one or one with patterns) and a peplum top (very trendy!) It’s a classic look which is sexy and trendy and it gives a nice figure. I also recommend chic high-waist shorts with a colorful top (royal blue, deep green, orange). Of course, a nice, sexy and simple dress is always a good option for an amazing night! Simple jewelry, lip stick, mascara and.. am I hearing the dance floor call my name?

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Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry


Holiday guide 2012: Gift ideas for the men in your life

Dad, brother, friend, boyfriend… So many men in your life and sometimes buying them a gift is a bit challenging. You really want to make them happy but you don’t always know what will. For every budget and every men on your list, here’s some suggestions.

A traveler? Loves big bags? This Herschel travel bag in red and brown will make him stylish on the plane. (65$ at Off the hook).

Into techno stuff? Has an iphone? Your father will love this iphone universal remote control. It’s simply genius! (109.69$ at Amazon).

Your friend makes the best parties? Just want to thank him in a funny way? These luchador bottle openers will make him laugh for sure! (8$, Cool Material)

Your guy has multiple devices and gadgets? Laptop, tablet, phone, ipod, … This Kangaroom storage bamboo multi-charging station from will keep everything together and in place. He won’t have to search everywhere to find where he put his cellphone last night (or ask you where you’ve put it, like if you were playing hide and seek with it…). (35$)

kangaroom bamboo charging center

Loves reading? Has books everywhere? These “Zombie metal art bookends” will surprise him and make his room stylish-er. (47$, 

zombie metal art bookends

Video games is his world? You’ve been told “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is coming out soon for a while now? I think it’s a hint that this video game will please him oh-so-much. (60$, any electronic store: Future shop, Bestbuy, target, …)

call of duty black ops ii

Loves taking pictures? Sport events, concerts, nights out, etc. so many actions and souvenirs are so important. This GE G100 Power Pro Series Camera can shoot at ten frames per second! It will make his boyish cute smile come out for sure. And who says you can’t borrow…? (179$

ge power series camera

Enjoy your time with them!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Holiday guide 2012: Gift ideas for kids

Kids, kids, kids, they’re everywhere! They might make you feel crazy sometimes, but you just adore them and you want to thank them for being there. Here are some ideas to make them jump of happiness all night!

Travels often in car or plane? Loves teddybears? This cuuute travel pillow will make travelling even more fun! (24.99$ at Renaud-Bray)

Music is her world? Those pom pom earbuds are super fun! They’re 12$ at DCI Gift.

Fashion is her thing? Loves accessories? This pink plastic watch from Swatch will make her feel special and happy. (90$)

He wants a watch too? Into Lego and robots? This Lego watch will amaze him so much! It’s 26.11$ at Nordstrom from the brand LEGO.

Into music and especially making it…? This instrument set from Babybot will occupy him/her all night and all week long! (39$)

A cute cable knit cape? The blue color is amazing! She’ll love this cute cable knit cape from Joe Fresh (22$).

Sings in her room all the latest tunes? Her hairbrush is her microphone? This super original and fun gift will make her sing even more!  A microphone hairbrush from Overstock is simply awesome. (20.86$)

Loves playing video games? This portable Wii U GamePad is a great idea for this person! Just don’t forget to tell him/her to play with moderation. (349.99$, Nintendo)

Enjoy your time with kids!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry