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Pasta Casareccia

De la cuisine italienne délicieuse cette fin de semaine? Pourquoi ne pas essayer le restaurant Pasta Casareccia? Il est situé dans le quartier Notre-Dame de Grâce de Montréal et existe depuis 1985.

Le menu offre des plats traditionnels et populaires italiens. Le restaurant est assez petit et l’ambiance est très italienne, il y a du rouge partout! La nourriture est absolument délicieuse. C’est un des meilleurs restaurants italiens à Montréal. La salade César, les olives Ascolane (olives farcies à la viande) et le Caprese di Bufala (mozzarella di Bufala, tomatoes and basil) sont des entrées très bonnes et qui démarrent bien le souper.

Il y a la possibilité de prendre un choix de pâtes fraîches avec un choix de sauce. Les pâtes disponibles sont spaghetti, fettucine, fusili, penne, capellini, tagliatelle et rigatoni. Les sauces disponibles sont campagna (végétarien), pesto classico, pesto rosso, napoletana, arrabbiata, rosa, alfredo, primavera, san benedetto, cozze e vongolo et plusieurs autres. Il y a l’embarras du choix! La sauce Casareccia (sauce maison), qui est composé de jambon, saucisse, pois, champignons et crème, est unique et délicieuse.

Les Cannelloni Frutti di Mare, qui sont des pâtes farcies aux fruits de mer avec une sauce alfredo, sont tout à fait exquis! Il vous faut un bon appétit, car ce plat est assez riche.

Vous revenez de travailler et vous voulez préparer un bon souper simple et rapide? Ce restaurant possède également une épicerie de produits italiens à la même adresse. Vous pouvez y acheter des sauces qui sont sur le menu et ajouter à cette sauce des pâtes que vous avez probablement chez vous ou que vous pouvez acheter à l’épicerie. C’est un repas délicieux et très simple! Leur lasagne est également très bonne et plusieurs formats sont disponibles dépendamment du nombre de chanceux qui la mangeront. Si vous voulez des produits provenant directement d’Italie, il y en a une grande quantité dans cette petite épicerie.

L’adresse: 5849 rue Sherbrooke ouest, à Notre-Dame de Grâce, à Montréal. Téléphone: 514-483-1588 Site web:

Une bouchée vous convaincra d’y retourner maintes fois!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Boston for food lovers :)

For Easter, I went to Boston, U.S.A. I had already been to that beautiful city, but every time I go there I discover new things and it’s always a lot of fun to walk around this town. I find that it’s a city where old and modern come together. The architecture is SO amazing. Every building looks like a work of art! Also, I like the fact that it’s situated near the sea, even though it brings a cold breeze through the town. We can see a lot of sailing boats on the sea. The old streets made out of stones are romantic and traditional. There are great restaurants in Boston. In this post, I’ll tell you some nice places you need to try out if you go to Boston.

1. P.F. Chang’s: There are 3 P. F. Chang’s in Boston and there are some in other cities too. This is an Asian-American fusion restaurant. It offers a very big variety of meals. Every time I go to this restaurant, I enjoy the friendly service, the party ambiance and the absolutely delicious food. There something for everyone at this place. Try Chang’s chicken lettuce wraps, the flaming red Wontons, the dynamite shrimps (the creamy and spicy sauce is delicious!) and the Edaname for Appetizers. The Wonton soup is really tasty, no need to add soya sauce. If you’re a small group, take the big bowl and share! For main courses, I recommend you do not take one plate per person but share different plates between your group so you can taste different things. I suggest Philip’s better lemon chicken which is white meat chicken breaded thinly with a sweet and tasty lemon sauce. The Mongolian beef is also pretty good. The Norwegian salmon steamed with ginger is exquisite. It’s served over shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, asparagus and tomatoes. I wouldn’t recommend the Shanghai shrimp with garlic sauce because it’s really simple and not that tasty. If you’re looking for nice asian-american food, here’s the place. For more informations or to make a reservation, please visit :


2. La Summa: This is an Italian restaurant that offers fine cuisine of Sicily and different regions of Italy. It is located in the Italian neighborhood of Boston, in the North end. There are so many Italian restaurant to choose from! The ambiance is very cozy, relax and familial. The service is friendly. The Carciofo Grande, which is a traditionally seasoned and stuffed artichoke, was pretty good as an appetizer. The Caesar salad is amazing! The dressing is creamy and delicious! The fusilli pasta with a light Sicilian basil pomodoro sauce is simple and good, but it isn’t the best plate ever. I would strongly recommend you the Vitello Speciale, which is a light breaded veal layered with Italian ham, mozzarella and a lot of mushrooms in a wine reduction. Very tasty! For more infos, visit:


3. Toscano: This is another Italian restaurant, but it isn’t located in the Italian district. It’s in Beacon Hill (beautiful streets with elegant boutiques, cafes and restaurants). The ambiance is chic and elegant. The service was very good. For appetizer, the Caprese, which is imported bufala mozzarella with beefsteak tomatoes and basil, was exquisite. I just adore tomatoes 🙂 The Polpettini Fiorentina, which are veal-beef-pork meatballs prepared in a florentine style, are tender and tasty. I didn’t enjoy as much the Caesar salad in this restaurant because I found that it tasted a bit too much of Dijon mustard. The Ravioli Gamberi are handmade spinach ricotta ravioli with shrimps and tomatoes and they are delicious. I recommend you to put Parmesan cheese on this dish. The Pappardelle Anatra, which are handmade pappardelle in a braised duck sauce, is tasty and delicious for duck lovers. The Penne All’ Arrabbiata in a tomato, garlic and red chili sauce were very good and spicy. Very good food in a nice ambiance, that’s the place. To make a reservation, visit


4. Bricco Panetteria: In the North End of Boston, where is located the Italian neighborhood, there’s a secret and delicious bakery. Bricco is an Italian restaurant (I did not try the food there), but there’s also a bakery which is located behind the restaurant that is owned by the restaurant. To get to the bakery, you need to go down a small alley and go down some stairs. It’s a really small workshop and you can see the bakers make all kinds of bread. I tried the kalamata olive bread which is made with real kalamata olives and it’s absolutely fresh and delicious. If you’re hungry in the afternoon, stop by this cute bakery and have a nice bite!

Panetteria Bread Oven Baking Bread at Bricco Panetteria

5. The Bell in Hand: This bar is the oldest tavern in Boston and one of the oldest in America. It’s located on 45 Union Street, which is Boston’s oldest operating street. There’s some tables to eat and a bar to drink from. You can also eat at the bar. The ambiance was nice and the service was good. The food was delicious. You’ve got to try the Baja Tacos, which is seasoned and lightly fried haddock served inside warm corn tortillas, mango salsa and sour cream with a wedge of lime. You won’t want to share this plate, it’s SO delicious! Best fish tacos I ever hate. The Steamed Mussels simmered in white wine, garlic and chopped tomatoes were also very good. The Monty’s Cajun Chicken, which is a chicken burger topped with Swiss cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce was also tasty. If you want to know more about this old tavern, go to:


Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry