#BeautyTrend: Nude Matte Lips

My new favorite go-to lipstick? The Infallible Pro Matte Gloss by L’Oréal Paris in the shade Nude Allude. I wore this liquid lipstick almost every day for these past weeks. It has a very nice dark nude color that is versatile. I … Continue reading

Spring Closet 2016: Top 10 Trends

Spring has officially arrived! From this point on, it will get warmer and warmer! Brighter sun, softer wind, and… new spring trends make me so joyful! Grab your purse and head to your favorite shops for a fashion update! I … Continue reading

Au Naturel Makeup Routine

Hey gorgeous! These past days have been incredibly cold! Dressing up in the morning takes much more time (boots, scarf, gloves…), so I have less time for my makeup routine. Recently, I personally like doing a very natural “barely there” … Continue reading