Brunch Date @ Le Passé Composé

One of my favorite date activity is having brunch. Montreal has plenty of cute breakfast places worth trying. Located in the Village near Beaudry metro station, Le Passé Composé should definitely be on your bucket list.

Mtl à Table – 2015 Edition

Hello foodies! This fall welcomes us to 11 days of gourmet festivities in the beautiful city of Montreal. From October 29 to November 8, many culinary restaurants offer an evening table d’hôte of 3 services at reduced prices. Prices are … Continue reading

Oscar party snacks

Are you having a party to watch the Oscars this Sunday? With all the glam, the celebrities and the great movies, you deserve to treat yourself with amazing snacks for the night! Here are some ideas I took from the web site Hope you enjoy!

Let’s start with the red carpet cocktail. With champagne, gin, orange-flower water and pomegranate juice, this cocktail seems bubbly and sweet, plus the pomegranate juice gives it a red color to match the carpet! Recipe: 

Picture of Red Carpet Cocktails Recipe

Now, for an academy award snack, go for this exotic choice: Golden curry popcorn. With curry powder, kosher salt and butter, it will activate your palette and take you on an adventure, like a movie. Recipe: 

Picture of Golden Curry Popcorn Recipe

For the main dish, I suggest you make two dishes and give the chance for people to try different things. The first one is California flatbreads. Small squared individual pizzas with bacon, goat cheese, arugula and plum tomatoes is a chic Italian choice that will please everyone. Recipe:

Picture of California Flatbread Recipe

The second main dish choice is spicy tuna hand rolls. If you love sushi, this option will please you so much. With avocado, cucumber, carrots and delicious tuna, this Japanese meal is perfect for this glamorous night of movies. Recipe: 

Picture of Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls Recipe

The thing about this menu is it’s all about tasting different savors and taking a trip around the world with our palette. Have a great time with your friends!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry