#Top5: Tips to Get Ready Fast in the Morning

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Summer hairstyles

With all the heat and the humidity during summer, it can be hard to style your hair. Sun, chlorine and salt water, wind, sand, sweat, …

Here are some ideas you should try on this summer!

A fishtail braid. This hairstyle is sweet and casual. It’s perfect for when your hair is too thick because of the humidity. A simple braid is also a nice and simple option.

Beachy waves. Let the natural beauty of beachy waves do it’s thing. If you have straight hair, wet your hair and put it in a tight bun or in a tight braid and when you’ll remove your elastic it will give you effortlessly amazing hair. With some highlights, it screams summer!

A high bun. This one is sexy and chic and it’s super easy. Twist your hair and make a big bun, then pull your hair a bit so your hair in the front has a bit of volume. With nice earrings you’re good to go!

A wavy high ponytail. This hairstyle shows confidence and a casual chic vibe. With the warm weather, it’s hard to keep your hair loose so put it up high above your neck and smile the day away!

Which hairstyles will you try?

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Holiday hairstyle ideas!

The holiday season is approching and it’s time to figure out what to where to partys, what makeup trend you should try and what you should do with your hair. First of all, I’ll give you some different ideas to have a nice haistyle so you can celebrate under the mistletoe or during New Year’s Eve’s countdown happier than ever. 🙂  Let’s look at some celebrity trends…

1. A loose bun with a chic feather barrette looks sophisticated on Emma Stone.

2. Long wavy golden blond hair with a side bang and a nice hairclip looks adorable on Megan Park.

3. Curvy brown hair on one side gives a latin chic look to Rachel Weisz.

4. A nice low bun with a pouf on top gives a glamorous look to Tina Fey.

5. A ballerina bun that is a bit messy looks effortlessly cool on Katie Holmes.

6. A half-up, half-down (some hair is loose and another part is pulled up) looks cute on Blake Lively.

7. A side french-braid looks flirty on Beyonce.

8. Sleek and straight layered hair looks flattering on AnnaLynne McCord.

9. A posh ponytail with loose streaks and wavy hair looks chic on Kristen Bell.


10. These loose curls give a sexy look to Sarah Hyland.

Here are 10 hairstyle ideas that will make you look fabulous for the holiday season. Get ready to celebrate!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry