Keeping warm

In Montreal, the weather has been very cold for a couple of weeks now. The sidewalks are full of ice so it’s pretty easy to fall down on your butt. The wind is blowing, the snow is pouring and the best way to stay warm is to have the right winter accessories. I particularly think that having a warm scarf helps keeping your warmth so here are some scarves from Simons, a great place to find the perfect one!


Chunky knit tube snood, on sale for 19.99$ at Simons (original price: 25$). This scarf, made entirely in acrylic, is available in many colors, is warm and is very versatile. It can be both casual and chic. 


Color block eternity scarf, on sale for 19.99$ (original price: 25$). Add a pop of color to your coat or outfit with this original red scarf. Just add your red lipstick and the look is perfect!


Lurex touch scarf, on sale for 9.99$ (original price was 30$). This scarf has a touch of chic because of its shiny material. The color is also very trendy right now.


Popcorn-knit scarf, on sale for 19.99$ (original price was 25$). Forest green is one of winter’s best color to wear. You can match it with a green hat or go with the traditional black hat.


FOR MEN! Bright stripe scarf, on sale for 19.99$ (original price was 38$). This scarf, made entirely in lambswool, is very warm and the blue, grey, white and black stripes go with almost every shirt or coat. It’s versatile and cute! Guys, we want you to be warm too.

Simons has a great variety of scarves for every style so I think it’s the perfect destination, especially with all their sales right now!

Keep yourself warm,

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Vibrant lips

I’m starting to feel the end of winter and the beginning of spring! The start of a new season always excites me! Flowers will start blossoming, the grass will go green, the birds will be singing and most of all NEW FASHION! Spring means colorful choices. First of all, it has been seen on many runways for this season and stars or wearing this trend big time: the colorful lips. This season, leave the lip gloss away a little and make a bright lip stick your VIP choice! Go dark fuchsia, bright coral, vibrant pink or powerful red!

Dark fuchsia lip stick with bronze eye-shadow, a small line of black eye-liner and some mascara is perfect!

Bright coral lip stick with some green eye-shadow, a line of grey eye-liner and some mascara is gorgeous!

Vibrant pink lip stick with some beige eye-shadow, a neutral eye-liner (a bit darker than the eye-shadow) and very dark mascara is totally feminine!

Powerful red lip stick with grey eye-shadow, black eye-liner and some mascara is glamorous!

One word for your lips: COLOR!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry