Spring Closet 2016: Top 10 Trends

Spring has officially arrived! From this point on, it will get warmer and warmer! Brighter sun, softer wind, and… new spring trends make me so joyful! Grab your purse and head to your favorite shops for a fashion update! I … Continue reading

Sprinkle some color on your nails

Nailpolish is a must to every outfit. It’s an accessory and it adds a touch of glamour, edge, femininity or exotic to any outfit. Here are some colors you should try on right now! I’m really into darker hues right now, what about you?

This dark purple polish is from Essie and it’s called Carry on.

This light purple is from Rimmel and it’s called Wild orchid.

This oxblood color is from L’Oréal and it’s called Stroke of midnight.

This grayish purple is from Maybelline and it’s called Mauve accents.

Which color will you try?

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry