It’s all about the lipstick

Touches of makeup can really embellish someone’s natural beauty. I’m really into trying different colors of lipsticks this winter season. A beautiful and colorful pout makes someone look confident and sexy. First of all, make sure you wear nourishing balm under and/or over your lipstick to keep your lips hydrated during those cold and dry winter days. I often put balm under and over to seal the lipstick in place. Second of all, if you’re going for a dark lipstick, it’s good to contour the outside of your lips with a lip pencil. Finally, go on and try different colors!

Here are my 3 fave colors!

1. Trendy fuschia! I love that chic and fun color. Wear this lipstick with some beige eye shadows, a brownish eyeliner and some black mascara. The idea is to keep the main attention on your lips and not over do it with the eye makeup.

2. Girly light pink! It’s simple, girly and flirty! Wear this lipstick with grey or colorful eye shadows (purple, blue), a line of black eye liner and voluminous black mascara. Since the lip color is more discreet, you can allow yourself to do smokey eyes and more dramatic eye looks.

3. Glamorous red! This color is eternally sexy and chic. You can go for the total glam look with a cat eye or a smokey eye or you can wear it more casually with pale eye shadows and simple mascara.

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry


Holiday guide 2012: Amazing shoes

Yes you may have your gorgeous party dress and your accessories but what about your shoes? Depending on your personality, your style, your outfit or the comfort you’re looking forward to, there’s a lot to choose from!

1. Chic and elegant pumps! These black and silver shoes will go with your different outfits so you don’t need to buy a million shoes. The height is reasonable so you can enjoy your night! They’re very chic and professional looking so wear them afterwards to work! (in sale at 26.00$ at Wallis (regular price is 61.00$))

2. Very sexy booties! You can add a little sexy edge to your outfit with booties. Black ones are versatile, but these red ones are bold and so festive! (37.25$ at Guess).

3. Original and elegant sandals! These pink and gold sandals are feminine and very original with the surprising heels. Just don’t wear them with everything. They’re perfect with your LBD. (170.00$ at TopShop).

4. Trendy flats! You don’t want to wear heels? No problem, these superb flats are super festive, chic, elegant and festive. Everything you want in a shoe! The pointy front is nice and chic-er. Go on and dance the night away! (in sale at 39.99$ at J. Jill (regular price is 109.00$))

Look for style, something that goes with your outfit and comfort!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry

Bracelets… oh yes!

How are you all enjoying this wonderful SUMMER!??! Barbecues, pool parties, beach chillings, weddings, baby showers, romantic cocktails, family dinners, girls’ night out, etc. So many amazing occasions to wear beautiful clothing! In this post, I won’t talk about clothing, I’ll let you know about some nice bracelets you can get NOW in stores. Bracelets are just awesome because they add a lot to an outfit. Accessories are the key! They can add a touch of chic, rock, sophistication, romance, edge,…

Stacking bracelets on are SO trendy this summer! These pink and gold ones are feminine and chic and you can choose to put them all or just some of them. They are different sizes so they’re versatile! Available at The Bay or in sale for 18.00$ (regular price is 24.00$).

Wide bangles are so IN this season. Especially those silver ones! This one with metal chains inside adds an edgy touch to a tailored look. It’s available in silver or gold at Jacob or in sale for 6.99$ (regular price is 19.00$).

Wide bangle

Pastel colors are everywhere! Why not have them on your arm? This pastel bracelet set is totally summery and fresh and it adds a fun and girly touch to any outfit. Go get them at Dynamite or for 16.90$.

Looking for a little touch of rock and edge? You won’t go wrong with this studded leather bracelet with round and triangular studs all over. This bracelet just shows that rock and chic can be paired together! It’s available in white or black at Mango or for 39.99$.

There’s MANY more available! Don’t forget… accessories are the key!

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry