L’Gros Luxe: My New Go-To Place in Griffintown

Friday funday! After a busy week, there’s nothing like relaxing in a fun ambiance! As you must know by now, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I enjoy trying new restaurants. In the past month, I’ve been twice to L’Gros Luxe … Continue reading

Brunch Date @ Le Passé Composé

One of my favorite date activity is having brunch. Montreal has plenty of cute breakfast places worth trying. Located in the Village near Beaudry metro station, Le Passé Composé should definitely be on your bucket list.

8 summer T-Shirts for guys!

For all those guys that are reading my blog, I really don’t make a lot of articles about men’s fashion but here’s one for you! If you’re a girl or a woman, you can make your special guy a surprise for his birthday or an holiday. Here’s the 8 summer T-Shirts that every guy should have in his wardrobe.

A big bold graphic T-Shirt is simple and casual.

 Saturdays NYC 40$

A surfer Tee has an energic and sporty look.

 Lightning Bolt 35$

An old-school stripes shirt can have a sailor vibe and/or can be very trendy.

 Levi’s Vintage Clothing 95$

A ’70s Ringer Tee is colorful and chic.

 American Apparel 16$

A suit-jacket tee should be a slouchy one to have a relax but sophisticated look.

 T by Alexander Wang 102$

A V-Neck shirt shouldn’t hit too low on your chest but neither too high around your neck. Find the perfect fit for a sexy and casual look.

 Alternative 24$

A vintage rock ‘n’ roller tee as a unique and hipster look.

 Worn Free 45$

A pocket tee is a versatile choice and can be worn with absolutely everything. Purple is very trendy this season!

 Ralph Lauren Black Label Denim 78$

Have a nice summer you guys 😉

Hasta pronto!

Catherine Beaudry